Friday, March 29, 2019

Think Big, Think Fire Farm, Think Ribbon

Let Ribbon Wrap It Up for You!

Ribbon is Fire Farm’s IHMRS/BDNY 2013 Editor’s Choice Award-winning chandelier whose gentle organic forms draw viewer’s gaze upward into an undulating animated space. 

Ribbon is made of hand formed acrylic panels arranged concentrically to glow from within and without using energy-efficient LED lighting. 

Need a lightweight chandelier with heavyweight presence? Let Fire Farm’s Ribbon chandelier wrap up your ceiling light project.

Learn more about the Ribbon chandelier here  

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Another spectacular Intersection Hosptiality speed matchmaking event

Another spectacular Intersection Hosptiality speed matchmaking event behind us, sorry it took me a week to get some pix up. 

Here's a few glimpses into why our hoteliers and architects and designers and purchasers are calling Intersection:

"The best way to learn about new lines” 

"Putting all of the right people together in a great space" “Definitely one of the best conferences I’ve attended!” 

"A whole new group of friends in the Hospitality Industry" 

"Truly an incredible experience."

"Really sets the bar high for my next design event."

So Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls; when you get my call or email or txt or FB msg or Linkedin msg this summer about our Fall session remember the faster you say 'yes' to our exclusive invitation the sooner you can be next to experience INTERSECTION HOSPITALITY!