Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'm a very well-connected National Sales Manager looking for a great new job.

I'm a very well-connected National Sales Manager looking for a great new job. My focus for over 10 years has been selling Decorative Lighting and Hospitality Furnishings along with related supplies into the hospitality, purchasing, and design industries. That followed a decade of experience in marketing, inside sales, and customer service leadership in manufacturing and sales agency firms.

I've been talking to companies on the phone in the last month , and last week in person in Las Vegas at the Hospitality Design Expo, exploring new opportunities to join a progressive company to expand their hospitality division (or create one from scratch) by providing marketing & sales solutions appropriate for hotels, resorts, time shares, senior living, restaurants, and their related architecture and design and purchasing trades.

I can't post my resume on Facebook or Linked In or Twitter, but it is available immediately by request via email (in fact I was txting and emailing it from my phone and tablet and laptop during and after chats with folks last week). I also have an outstanding set of professional and personal references ready to take calls and emails from interested employers who want to know about my skills and experience and background.

Up until now I've been very quiet about my search but have learned that it's much better to have many eyes and ears catching possible opportunities I might be well-suited for and/or very interested in. Several discussions are on-going but have not been finalized, so I'd still like to hear from more places.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you are looking for national sales into hospitality or know of someone who is.