Monday, April 16, 2018

Good Design Is Good Business! Iowa Governor Reynolds and Lt Governor Gregg Visit Fire Farm

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and Lt. Governor Adam Gregg stopped in Elkader to visit Fire Farm late last month. As part of the “Building a Better Iowa” tour, Reynolds and Gregg met with Adam Pollock and the entire Fire Farm team to learn more about how local businesses like Fire Farm enable Iowa to participate in the global economy as well as become local incubators which nourish Iowa communities on many levels.

“Instead of talking about Fire Farm right away, I started with Elkader and its growth and evolution through the Main Street projects,” Adam explained. “I mentioned how state programs like CAT and RECAT, Great Places, and the Cultural and Entertainment District programs all have helped strengthen and enrich the community and local economy.”

“We were able to show tangible examples of projects that have benefitted from that community cross pollination and working together,” Pollock continued. “We explained how we have adopted new technologies to leverage our ability to compete in the marketplace against foreign competition, preparing us for future growth and a competitive labor market through the application of new construction techniques and equipment.”

The 45-minutes originally scheduled for the visit stretched into nearly an hour. And, Pollock said, he could’ve used two hours more. Read the full article from the Clayton County register here.